Manufacture 1901

In 1901 Ernest Albert Sandeman (1860 - ) wrote a quite remarkable book - "Notes on The Manufacture of Earthenware"  

The book runs to 375 pages in 31 chapters and includes all of the manufacturing processes for earthenware. It was reprinted in 1917 and again in 1921.

Ten of the chapters are dedicated to the building of bottle ovens, the making of saggars, how bottle ovens were fired, to biscuit and to glost. It's a great background to bottle ovens.

Notes on the Manufacture of Earthenware
Ernest Albert Sandeman 1901,1917 and 1921

The book is freely available to view on the web and the entire book is downloadable here>>  at The Internet Archive.

Here is an extract from Sandeman's book giving details of bottle ovens and their firing in the first quarter of the 20th Century.  Download here>>